The African dilemma and the puzzle of three naked virgins

Every morning, when l listen to radio, l reflect on the African dilemma.

The African underachievement is like a dilemma tale: Kwasi Ananta Tweni – the mystical dilemma drum Or more vividly Like three beautiful women virgins who went to bath at the public beach.

As they were bathing, they suddenly spotted the prince of the town approaching towards them.

Unfortunately, it was too late for the three beautiful women to get their apparels.

So, they had to determine which part of their body was most sensitive and needed immediate covering with the hand (representing their cloth).

Albeit their decision was impulsive, given the situation:

The first one covered his face

The second one covered his breast

The third one covered his vagina (apologies please)

I always ask my female colleagues about what they would do if they were in the situation of the three beautiful women.

Africa is a huge paradox and a dilemma.

The alleged cradle of humankind and yet we dread the dreadful sea to go and toil in a strange land.

A land of abundance and yet we are hungry.

Africa, we have been a continent of impenetrable questions always leading to Why?

Could there be an answer to why modern cartographers cartographed the shape of the continent in the form of a question mark?

Corruption causes poverty; poverty causes corruption.

Which one is anterior to the other and how do we break the jinx of samsara?

Asem bisa. Tambiya kawei

Prempeh Charles

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