Chereponi constituency: Three-time parliamentary candidate proposes Dawadawa festival

Three-time Member of Parliament aspirant for the seat of Chereponi Eugene Tamado Koffikan Bashiru has proposed a festival to his constituents which he calls Dawadawa festival.

He stated that the people of Chereponi have been in peace with all tribes which has led to the establishment of the Anufor Empire, the Tsokossi Kingdom.

Mr. Tamado Koffikan Bashiru said it’s about time they initiate something to remember their ancestors.

According to him the introduction of the festival will help give back to ancestors and also fasten the peace and tranquility among his people in the district.

He added that as such festive season is marked, the natural resources in the constituency will be showcased to the entire world thereby increasing the exportation of such resources.

Chereponi North East Region of Ghana is best-known cultivation of Dawadawa and Shea Butter.

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