Joy FM journalist, former Energy Ministry PRO fight over “ony3” on social media

A comment by Joy FM’s Gary Al-Smith on the ongoing “fix the country” national protest has generated a fight between the journalist and former Public Relations Officer for the Ministry of Energy, Nana Damoah.

The “misunderstanding” broke out following a post from the Multimedia Group Limited sports journalist in reaction to comments from some activists of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) suggesting that President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is doing his best to fix the country.

“After spending most of yesterday telling us #FixYourSelf and #FixYourAttitude, they’ve noticed that isn’t a good response. So it is now #NanaIsFixingIt and #GhanaIsBeingFixed. I want to say ‘Nana is fixing onyɛ’ but it’s too early. Just #FixTheCountry because you’ve got the power,” Gary posted on Facebook.

The use of “ony3”, a Ga word which means “Your mother” by the journalist did not go down well with Nana Damoah.

Calling out Gary Al-Smith to be decorous with his language, Nana Damoah said, “The Ony3 was not necessary Gary Al-Smith. Please delete it and let’s move on. If someone else had used same language on you it would have been seen as an attack on journalism etc. let’s avoid such things.”

In a quick response to Mr. Damoah’s advise, Gary said, “Next time, tag me Nana Damoah. I wrote three paragraphs but you opt to take the one sarcastic one where I don’t even insult anyone. And you wonder why I don’t take you seriously? The real people you should be accountable to are on the streets and feeling the heat of your government’s sub-par performance. Go to them and #FixTheCountry.”

This triggered a verbal ‘fight’ between the two.

Check out the banter below










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