Chiefs ban illegal logging, commercial charcoal burning, mining in Savannah Region

Commercial charcoal burning, illegal logging, commercial harvesting of firewood and illegal small scale mining activities in the Savannah Region have been banned effective May 10, 2021.

This was announced by the Savannah Region House of Chiefs in a letter addressed to the Regional Minister.

According to the traditional leaders, illegal logging, commercial charcoal burning, commercial fuelwood harvesting and illegal small scale mining activities have resulted in “the wanton depletion of the environmental cover”.

This they described as “a bane on the citizenry of the Savannah Region”.

“A survey conducted in five paramountcies revealed that about 1,042,580 trees are destroyed with in a year. These tree plants lost include but not limited to the Shea, the Dawadawa, the rosewood, the kapok trees and other medicinal and economic trees in the wild, are harvested with impunity,” the chiefs revealed in the letter.

“The data therefore, points out that within a year among the 21 paramountcies in the Region loses about 21,894,180 trees in a year. Should we as a people sit and watch the destruction of the environmental cover to continue?” they asked.

As part of measures to ensure the ban is effective, trucks or vehicles
conveying charcoal from the Savannah Region and lands will attract a penalty of Five Ghana Cedis only per bag of charcoal.

See the letter below


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