KFC tastes better in Ghana than in Australia – Gregory Andrews confesses as he talks about Ghana-Nigeria jollof

Australian High Commissioner to Ghana, Gregory Andrews has confessed that popular American fast food, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) tastes better in Ghana than in Australia.

According to him, “Ghanaian KFC tastes a lot fresher than the KFC in Australia”.

He made this confession in a conversation with Ghanavi TV while explaining why he declared Ghana the winner of the Ghanaian-Nigerian jollof war.

The diplomat disclosed that though he is yet to taste Nigerian jollof, he is certain the taste cannot beat that of Ghana’s.

As a representative of the Australian Government who is required to be loyal to Ghanaians, he said that is not the sole reason for his judgement but rather the irresistible taste of the Ghana-made jollof.

Gregory Andrews resurrected the controversy surrounding Ghanaian and Nigerian Jollof in a series of tweets after having jollof for lunch from the Dollar Rice eatery at Osu in Accra.

“There is no way Nigerian #JollofRice could be better than the Ghanaian #Jollof which I bought for lunch today from Dollar Rice on Oxford Street in Osu. Tell me I’m wrong @AusHCAbuja. #JollofWars,” he tweeted April 22 adding that “Naija jollof never go fit bee pass Ghana ein own. As I chop ma own for dollar rice inside Osu, confam!”

Explaining why he sparked the new debate, Gregory Andrews said the taste of jollof rice prepared by Ghanaians is extremely delicious and incomparable.

“I live in Ghana and I have my residence permit so I have to be loyal to Ghana right? And so even if Ghanaian jollof wasn’t nice I would still have to say it is. However, I know it is the best jollof because I ate jollof for about four times a week,” he explained.

“I have never tasted it and I don’t need to taste it because the Ghanaian jollof is so good. There is no way the Nigerian jollof could be better. I know some people from Nigeria say I might be kidnapped for saying Ghana jollof is good but I’m just being honest,” he said in response to whether or not he had tasted Nigerian jollof.

Detailing how he likes his jollof, the Ambassador reveals plans to start cooking lessons in the coming weeks.

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