She refused to have babies just to frustrate me to divorce her – Husband laments

A married woman who has intentionally failed to conceive for her husband because she is in love with another man has been exposed.

Her husband revealed in a letter to ‘The SelShow’ that his wife confirmed the doctor’s report which suggests she took emergency contraceptive pills anytime they had sex to prevent her from getting pregnant.

The distressed man said they have been married for six years and never had children of their own but this did not stop him from loving and caring his wife.

Surprisingly, it was his wife who rather acted all worried and cried on several occasions over their inability to have children, the man narrated.

“We got married about 6 years ago and we have no kids yet. Even though I wish we had one by now, I believe God is the giver of children so I always encourage my wife to be strong and trust in the Lord, for at his own time he makes things beautiful. I do this to re-assure her that, with or without children, I still love and will still be with her, because she is always crying and very worried and sad about this issue which worries me,” he wrote.

Frank said unknown to him, she always resorted to hormonal birth control pills because she never wanted to be the mother of his children.

It turned out that she wanted to frustrate her husband with her inability to bear children so he could divorce her.

He revealed that “not knowing all these is just a matter of throwing water on a stone. 3 weeks ago I arranged with a different doctor and we went for a thorough medical checkup. After everything, the doctor spoke to us that everything was okay with us, so we went home. The next day, the doctor called to tell me that my wife has been taking emergency pills for years now and that is the reason why she is not getting pregnant. Meanwhile, she has been crying all the time because of this issue.”

According to him, his wife confessed that she was in love with some other man before they got married.

“When I asked her she confessed to this and told me that she was in love with someone else before meeting me and that she knew when the kids are not coming, I will get tired of her and ask for divorce but I am rather more caring and not asking for divorce. Please with this confession, do you think my wife loves me and willing to be in this marriage, because when I asked this question she had no answer for me. Please I need urgent opinions now because I can’t sleep or even imagine anything at the moment,” Frank wrote in his letter to The SelShow from Kumasi.

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