Popular Jamaican, Queen Nanny is an Asante woman

A Report by Odehyeɛ Kwaku Adu, when he visited Jamaica and the Maroons. Yes, Queen Nanny is an Asante woman. First, the Jamaicans thought she was Fante according to Colonel Stanley, the chief of Nanny Town when l visited him in 2016.

I explained to them after familiarisation tour around the caves and museum, holy grave and listening to their drums including the Kente kept for years and concluded Queen Nanny was purely Asante woman. They all agreed since many of them believed so already.

According to them, l am the first person to visit the Town since the enslavement from Africa and an Asante. Also the first person to visit Stone Gut, the Holy place of Paul Bogle in St Thomas. Paul Bogle was also Asante and the greatest amoung all.

The father of Marcus Garvey brought him to Paul Bogle when he was a child to see and listen to his words which inspired Garvey to continue the struggle unabated. Bunny wailer also spoke his Asante ancestry including Sam Sharp who said;

l rather die in the Yonder Gallows than to live the life of a slave. He took the rope and hanged himself in presence of hundreds of people when the British demanded from him to stop leading his people to freedom and live freely. Sam Sharp was a brave man.

JJ Rawlings was in Jamaica and visited Morant Bay(Spanish Town) but couldn’t go deep to witness the mass burial in the Hemisphere which l happened to be also the first to be. In all, l went alone and brought the message codified to Otumfuo Osei Tutu ll and Asanteman at Manhyia.

Accompong is where the largest settlers of Asantes live in Jamaica. The maroons own their lands and now wanting their own currency. However, Jamaica is full of other tribes brought from Africa, l can say about eighty percent of them are Asantes according to their researchers.

like Sinclair Stone, Constantine Bogle, Ras Nono and the Jamaicans Chief Priest including Heru Isshaka Menelijk the High Court Judge who signed a book; The Ideas and Philosophy of Marcus Garvey to be given to our King, Otumfuo Osei Tutu ll.

Jamaica is full of Prophets, Musicians and warriors towards the Blackmans Restoration Agenda. The Asante Heritage Foundation did much to connect peacefully with the Suriname people in Holland towards the Year of Return.

Later, divisions broke in leading to many unwelcome situations known to Manhyia Palace. I hope this calculated pandemic shall end for us to continue uniting Africans home and abroad.

Lastly, there are so many organisations in USA, Brazil and the Caribbeans ready to connect with Asante since we cleared the air about untrue stories others wanted to stigmatised us with. Asante stand strong everywhere. Long live Asanteman.

Source: Kwaku Adu

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