Studying abroad: Richard Dela Sky shares ’embarrassing’ moments in UK

Co-host of the Citi Breakfast Show, Richard Dela Sky has shared an embarrassing moment while pursuing a post-graduate programme abroad in the United Kingdom.

In a Facebook post, the journalist highlighted how the informal education he received from his parents had impacted his career and life in general.

As part of measures to inculcate the principles of respect and reverence to senior citizens in the community, some parents reprimand their wards for addressing an elderly person by their “raw” names.

Sharing his story, he made reference to some attributes common in Ewe-speaking societies.

Richard Dela Sky revealed some culture shocks in the UK and how embarrassing it was when a British Professor advised him to discard all prefixes while referring to him.

Below is the full story

“Growing up, we were almost always punished for calling the name of an older person without (first) prefixing it with either Efo, Daavi, Etey, Tordia, Torga, Daadia, Torgbui, Mama etc. In our elementary schools we often had ourselves to blame anytime we forgot to use Sir/Madam when addressing our teachers. Directly mentioning the name of the teacher also came with its own Wahala. So that references like English Madam and French Madam came to be born.

During our GH University days, and my very active journalism days, trouble found us anytime we forgot to use the title Hon/Dr/Rev/Pastor etc for our lecturers or guests, as the case may have been. As a result, I have become so addicted to the use of all these titles. I simply can’t do without them. Now, in a foreign land, I find myself getting politely shot down every time the prefixes showed up: “Richard, please don’t call me Prof/Dr/Madam/Sir!!! It is enough to call me JULIE/JAMES.” Imagine a whole Professor telling me that!!!

Folks, how at all do I unlearn this thing ‘mahaaaaaaaaa?’ Tso!!! I need a cure urgently la”

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