Our school doesn’t have rigid hair policy – Old Achimotan Association fumes

Achimota School’s hair policy has changed over the years. In 1968 when my 1973 Class entered the School, the policy was that all students below Form Five (SS1) were required to cut and keep their hair low.

The exception was mixed race, Caucasian, and Asian female students. They were allowed to keep their hair long or braided. Form Five and Sixth Form students were allowed to braid their hair – cornrows or plaiting with thread. No particular style was prescribed. One’s hair just had to be neat.

The 1960s and 1970s was the Black consciousness era so most of us wore our hair in Afros. The Afros were actually quite large in most instances. Teachers did not fuss as long as one’s hair was neatly combed.

Around 1971, Achimota School changed its hair policy! All students including mixed-race students had to cut their hair low. The exceptions were Caucasian and Asian students, Form Five and Sixth Form students.

Individual braids did not become popular until much later. When Jheri curls came into fashion some students started to wear their hair in Jheri curls. Again, as long as the hair was neat – there was no fuss about it.

To state that Achimota School has always had a rigid hair policy in prior years is a fallacy! My two cents or two pesewas!

Source: OAA Secretariat

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