Ghana School of Law withdraws 31 students for failing to submit LLB certificate

Management of the Ghana School of Law in collaboration with the General Legal Council has withdrawn some thirty one students for failing to submit their Bachelor of Law certificate (LLB).

In the withdrawal letter to the affected students, Director of the School, Maxwell Opoku Agyeman Esq noted that submission of the aforementioned document was due January 19, 2021.

However, the Law students who are caught up in this category claimed that the administration of the school did not set a deadline for the submission of the outstanding credentials.

Some of the students described this move by the management of the school as an ambush.

“My school wrote to confirm my degree and the Ghana Law School never reached out to me on that, I can’t tell whether the communication between my LLB institution and the Makola was sufficient. Suddenly, I received a call to come for a letter and when I opened the letter, it was my withdrawal from the School without any warning. My heart skipped a beat and nearly collapsed. I had to see a clinical psychiatrist because the matter was taking a toll on my mental health,” one of the 31 affected students said.

Other Law Students faced with similar challenge stated that it is unclear to them whether they could be admitted into the institution in the following years.

An LLB graduate of University of London said the Ghana School of Law cancelled his/her admission even though his/her previous school has sent a letter of attestation to the Ghana Law School confirming completion of the program.

“In spite of this assurance and attestation from my LLB awarding institution, the Law School revoked my admission and offered no refund of my fees except to ask me to re-apply when this year when admissions opens as if reapplying and writing the entrance examination would automatically get admitted, I was lucky to have made it on my first attempt and not sure I can make it on a second attempt,” the student said.

TopStories gathered that the management of Ghana School of Law urged students to channel their complaints and petition to the General Legal Council.

According to the Director of the Ghana School of Law, Maxwell Opoku Agyeman Esq, the General Legal Council owns the School and as a result regulates legal education and practice in the country.

Meanwhile, the Students Representative Council (SRC) stated that management of the school should exercise patience for students considering that they have no control over the issuance of certificates in their respective schools.

The SRC described the withdrawal of students as an abuse of discretion and callous.

“When students relied on admission letter to organize their life, resign from their work, take bank loan and in some cases relocate to enable them to be closer to the School, it is a grave abuse of discretion and callous to withdraw them simply because their LLB certificates has delayed on legitimate grounds. As a student body, we are very much concern about this and it is high time the Management of the School become reasonable. Deadlines are set by human beings and so long as students are already enrolled, the School was supposed to have relaxed their deadline,” the SRC opined.

TopStories is learning that majority of students have petitioned the Chief Justice to come to their rescue.

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