UG: “Our washroom is flooded yet our taps are not flowing”-Sarbah Annex C residents lament

Residents of the Mensah Sarbah Hall Annex C are raising concerns about sanitation in some of the washrooms available in the facilities.

According to the residents of the block, the washrooms are flooded but the taps are not flowing, a situation they say is not understandable.

The students using the facility are calling on the management of the hall and the Junior Common Room to intervene to resolve the matter.

“Sometimes, I prefer using the washroom in some administrative facilities on campus because of the nature of our washroom at the hall. the place is usually flooded but you will be shocked that when you open the tap, it doesn’t flow. Management and the JCR should run to our aid as soon as possible,” one Level 400 student who only gave his name as Frederick said.

A cross-section of students living on the ground floor of the facility confirmed that pipes in the washroom flow four days out of seven a week.

“bathrooms’ taps flow only from Sunday to Wednesday every week. Most of the time, you just have to go out and fetch water for use to prevent touching all the taps in the washroom considering this pandemic era we are in,” A resident on the ground floor said.


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