LGBT+ Rights Ghana calls out Oheneyere Gifty Anti over ‘damaging, dangerous’ serial comments about gays

Popular Ghanaian journalist, Oheneyere Gifty Anti has courted the displeasure of members of the LGBT+ Rights Ghana movement over alleged “distasteful” comments against homosexuals.

On January 31, the ace broadcaster released an episode of her show which saw an “Ex gay” and a “converted lesbian” share their experiences about being gay around the topic, “My Struggle with homosexuality”.

The male guest Twum David Nana Amoafo, now a businessman, made some shocking revelations including being abused into becoming a homosexual at age five and how he had successfully initiated over 200 ‘straight’ men into the act.

“I’ve had married men and I’ve also had pastors in bed. It’s not difficult. Some of them were already in it, some of them I convinced. The group I convinced them are more than those who were on it already. I didn’t like people who were on it already. I wanted people who didn’t have any idea about it,” he disclosed on the StandPoint.

“It got to a time I was scared and I had dreams where people are chasing you and trying to shoot you. I thought it was something spiritual so I had to go to counselors and pastors to help me. There was this pastor I went to, he gave me a guest room and he came in and was like he needed to pray with me. We were praying and what I got to know was it wasn’t prayers anymore. We ended up having sex,” the ‘repented’ man added.

Reverend Baabah Djiracko also mentioned how she was lured into lesbianism at age 10 by a senior during secondary school days.

David is currently on a mission to help reform those innocent people he initiated into the act and to create awareness on the dangers involved.

In response to David’s story Oheneyere Gifty Anti said she is aware of an app that connects homosexuals to each other and also a cult that they (gay people) belong to.

“One of them was actually telling me about an app on their phones that can tell you about the nearest gay person around. Now there’s something like a cult that they belong to. I don’t really know what to make of David, the boldness to come here because it’s quite scary and dangerous. As he is saying, it’s well connected,” Gifty Anti said on the show.

These comments by the journalist have been described by the movement of Lesbians, Gays, Bis, Trans, Intersex, Queers & Allies championing the freedom for LGBTQ+ persons in Ghana as “damaging and dangerous”.

In expressing their displeasure, the group stated “Gifty Anti invited suppose “ex gay” man and a “former” lesbian who’s now “a lady Rev.” to discuss the “cult of homosexuality” in Ghana and how people are being initiated into homosexuality in this new episode of her talk show. This is not the first time she has said, encouraged damaging stereotypes about LGBT+ persons in Ghana. In 2019, in the heat of the CSE debate, she compared homosexuality to Skin bleaching. She has done with this episode of her show, what Joy FM does to women’s rights activists/Feminists when they bring “submissive” women on their shows to sort of ‘rubbish’ the argument of Feminist.”

Beneath are some comments from members of the LGBT Rights Ghana

Gifty Anti’s interview with the man who claimed is struggling with homosexuality was disingenuous and dangerous to the LGBT community and should be called out by every single one of us within the community. If we keep silent and revere these people in power we will keep going backwards with all the advances we’ve made.”

“In as much as it is damaging, she @oheneyere_gifty_anti @the_standpoint is also using her platform to profit from hateful rhetoric. In the end, she knows many people will watch her show because scaring Ghanaians to believe gays are coming for their children attract viewers.”
“Gifty Anti @the_standpoint a well known journalist/broadcaster and a Gender Activist should remember that our struggles are similar with the struggles of other minority groups, ie, LGBT+ persons, PWDs etc. She should know this, and understand why representation matters. And even language. Homosexuality is not a cult and/ or a deviant behaviour as portrayed on this show.
If you cannot lend us a hand in our fight, do not add to our struggles.”

“I stand in solidarity with queer Ghanaians today as cishetero feminists use their media platforms to perpetuate harm and bigotry towards LGBT+ Ghanaians and as cishetero feminists erase, silence them and tell them to wait their turn in mainstream feminist conversations in Ghana.”

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  1. The gay issue is not unique to Ghana, nor to Africa. It is global, BECAUSE gay/lesbian/trans folk have existed in EVERY CULTURE throughout history. IT IS PART OF GOD’S CREATION. Embrace and love those who struggle, hide, live in shame, marry the opposite sex out of fear……Truth is really God’s wishes. You know this to be true.


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