Railway Company Limited makes arrest on people ‘cannibalizing’ rail lines

The Ghana Railway Company Limited has reported on some unscrupulous persons that have been cutting section of their rail lines via the Angu-Manso network.

Preliminary reports indicate that these persons cut the lines and removed some components including fish plates [a metal bar that is bolted to the ends of two rails to join them together in a track], for scraps.

This has resulted in a total of nineteen derailments on the main Western Rail Lines since November.

A tempered fish plate at Angu

Over the past months, about four separate arrests have been made by state security on such persons. However, no prosecution has been made against them.

It is alleged that one civil engineer of the company has been aiding and abetting this crime by the scrap dealers.

Sources say management is determined to have all cases of burglary investigated and any person indicted prosecuted to deter future occurrence.

Currently working on the new standard gauge line from Ehyiem to Manso section of the Western Rail Line is Amandi Holdings.

Their work had resulted in the overhauling of some old rail lines (narrow gauge) to create space for the construction of the new standard gauge line.

But one thing that sparks some curiosity and a reason to suspect it is sabotage is the fact that these scrap dealers did not temper with the ‘overhauled’ material but active lines.

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