PPP commends Ghanaians for peaceful elections; urges EC to investigate election irregularities

The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has praised Ghanaians for their love for peace, and maintaining same before, during and after the 2020 general elections.

According to the party, this demonstrates and cements Ghana’s democracy which has been rated the best in the subregion and even on of the best around the globe.

In a press release dates December 10, 2020, and signed by the National Secretary of the PPP, Paa Kow Ackon, the party called on the Electoral Commission to publish the outstanding election results.

It also encouraged the Commission to launch strong investigations into the alleged election irregularities that took place at some centers across the country.


10th December, 2020

Immediate Release


The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) wishes to commend the resilience of Ghanaians before, during and after the 2020 elections.

We like the fact that our people have remained largely calm after the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission declared the winner of the 2020 Presidential race, amidst various allegations of violence, death and intimidation. We note also the allegations of invidious vote dilution and possible electoral fraud. Some other countries experiencing the twists and turns of our electoral process would have burst asunder.

It is an affirmation that Ghanaians generally love peace.

We believe that the 2020 election result is a validation of the need to implement the PPP’s 10-point agenda, which focuses on reforming the 1992 Constitution to separate Ministers of State from Parliamentarians, elect Metropolitan Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs), and decouple the Minister of Justice from the Attorney General to prosecute cases without fear or favour.

We believe however, that the EC must publish the results of the outstanding constituency and thoroughly investigate all the allegations of electoral infractions, overwhelming vote buying and misconduct that occurred throughout the country.

Also, the inaccuracies in the EC’s computation of the results must be addressed as it has the tendency of tainting the credibility of the outcome.

This will go a long way to douse the tension brewing below the surface in the country and give credibility to the election outcome.
Video evidence circulating on social media gives bedrock grounds to how some members of the security services failed to act in the interest of the people of Ghana, which led to the needless deaths of some innocent Ghanaians.

This could have been avoided if these men and women in uniform had acted professionally.

We call on the new Parliament to serve as a check on the executive to restrain the perpetuation of a winner-takes-all government with excessive discretionary powers; where no accountability prevails.
We believe that this generational choice Ghanaians have made to our legislature, with the declared winner of the Presidential race not having a majority in Parliament must urgently lead to reforming the political system, to enable our country to work for the benefit of all citizens.

Paa Kow Ackon, National Secretary.

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