Transparency is essential for credible elections – UK High Commissioner urges EC

As Ghana goes to the polls on December 7, the international community looks up to the nation to once again deliver a credible, free and fair elections.

It is at the back of this that the UK’s High Commissioner to Ghana, His excellency Iain Walker is urging Ghana’s Electoral Commission (EC) to deliver an electoral process that leaves all stakeholders satisfied.

Speaking to issues on criticisms of the EC by some stakeholders in Ghana’s democratic dispensation in a yet to be aired interview on 21 Minutes With KKB, Mr. Walker acknowledged that though the EC has put much in place to ensure the free flow of information on its activities, through both traditional and social media, it is essential to double the efforts ahead of the crucial elections on December 7.

While acknowledging stakeholders had the right to express concerns regarding the electoral process, he noted that it is equally important to do so democratically.

“If you want to make the analogy of football, you don’t want the commentary to be always about the referee. We hear of the challenges and the criticisms that have come and in a democratic society, with an open and free press, if people believe they have the right to challenge. We always encourage the pursuit of the rule of law,” Mr. Walker said.

“We know that some of these challenges and grievances remain but what we are continuing to advocate for is real transparency in that process and to give the Electoral Commission their due. I think there has been a lot of communication regarding what is going to be done. There has been a lot of engagements on social media and on television,” he added.

“To the critics, I understand all their concerns but I guess what we are seeking today is to encourage dialogue and to encourage the fact that it’s in the interest of the people of Ghana that the elections ahead run smoothly,” he advised.

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