NDC ended load shedding in 2015 – Dr Kwabena Donkor

Former Power Minister under the Mahama administration, Dr Kwabena Donkor alleged that his party the National Democratic Congress ended load shedding, popularly known as Dumsor in 2015.

Speaking to MX24 News, Dr Donkor said contrary to claims by the governing NPP that the NDC left excess generation which resulted in dumsor, the NDC under his tenure as power minister resolved Ghana’s unstable power supply issues.

“If anybody says low shedding was prevalent when the NDC assumed power in 2017 then the person might be living on a different planet. Low shedding officially ended in December 2015 and therefore for a government to accuse the NDC of excess generation in 2017 and turn around and say they resolved the low shedding issues is a paradox,” he said on Opposing Views on MX24.

Meanwhile, Dr Donkor said for Ghana to take its leading role as a major power exporter in the sub region, there is the need for harmonization of the sector to reach consensus building among all major players.

“What we need to do as a country after this election is over is to bring everybody on board, Civil Society, political parties, let’s bring the energy people all on board and build a consensus. Without that consensus, we are just throwing numbers and confusing the public.”

“We should build the consensus towards sustainable energy situation for the country and more importantly, if we want to be a major power exporter, we all have to agree on a plan that this is Ghana’s energy plan and not a particular political party and all these petty attempts at nonexistent point scoring,” he told MX24’s Kwabena Kyenkyenhene Boateng.

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