Fighters condemns ‘illegal’ detention of Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, demands his immediate release

The Economic Fighters League has condemned the detention of Ugandan Presidential Candidate, Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, and is therefore calling for his immediate release.

The Fighters believe it is high time African leaders stood to their feet to fight for the right and freedom of citizens of Uganda.

In a press release available on the group’s Facebook wall, they described the recent persecution of the leader of the People Power-National Unity Platform, and other similar ones  as unfortunate, considering the chronology of events that have characterized President Museveni’s administrations.

“The Economic Fighters League strongly condemns the continued persecution and detention of People Power / National Unity Platform leader Kyagulanyi Ssentamu in Uganda.

“Today’s violent arrest and the subsequent violence perpetrated against the People of Uganda is just the latest in the escalated acts of violence, harassment, murder and barbarism that has characterised Museveni’s junta over the last three and half decades,” the group said.

They bemoaned:

“As all this is happening, African leaders remain shamelessly silent while Ugandan citizens are slaughtered with impunity. Either by dint of cowardice, criminal complicity or embarrassment and self guilt, various regulatory blocks – including the East African Community and the African Union – remain contemptuously unconcerned while fellow Africans are oppressed day in day out.

“Lives are lost to the greed and violence of the Museveni regime, and they remain unmoved. We condemn this silence and admonish them to salvage the last shreds of integrity and Africanness they may still have left in them.”

In the release signed by Hardi Yakubu, Fighter-General, they are “calling for the immediate release of Bobi Wine and his followers.”

“We once again reassure our brothers and sisters in Uganda that we are with them, and will be with them to the last lap of the struggle, for we are not free until we are all free,” they assured.

Meanwhile, about seven (7) persons have been confirmed dead after a Wednesday protest seeking the release of the Presidential Candidate.

Press Release by Economic Fighters League

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