Ghana won’t go far without passage of Affirmative Action Bill – US Professor

A Professor in the Sociology Department at the York University, Dr Sylvia Bawa has emphasized the need for a more inclusive political system where the voices of the minority are not sidelined.

In an interview with Kwabena Kyenkyenhene Boateng on MX24 TV’s Opposing Views show, the lecturer noted that, the passage of the Affirmative Action Bill will not only favour women but also, minority groups who have suffered historical records of discrimination.

“We can’t continue to call ourselves a Democracy if we’re deliberately excluding a majority of our masses…It’s very important for us to know that this isn’t something just about women, it is about representing other voices that have been historically excluded. The point is that if we want to make progress in this country, we are not going anywhere fast if we continue to marginalize other voices in the country,” she stated.

Speaking on why women are few in politics, the gender advocate said the people in positions of power who need to pay attention to giving women opportunities are not doing enough.

She said, “On one front we need people who are in powerful positions of power to push this agenda and to open the door and let’s see if people won’t walk to the door because there are so many people pounding on the door waiting to get in.”

“We see the people who are on the ballot at the moment competing. I’m sure that if we were to look for competence, we will find out that they are more competent than their male counterparts. Not that we are necessarily looking at the competition of competence but I think it’s important for us to deconstruct these things when they come up,” she added.



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