It will take more than money to endorse a political party – Ameyaw Debrah

Freelance journalist and celebrated blogger, Ameyaw Debrah says, it will take believing in the ideologies of a political party and a society that accepts freedom of association to get him to endorse a party and not money.

According to him, though sometimes as a businessman, he is paid to promote the activities of some parties, he hasn’t gotten to the level of endorsing people because the Ghanaian society is not ready to accept the ‘opposing views’ of others.

“If you want me to promote you then you pay me to promote you. But to endorse you and put myself in it like I believe you, that will not take money for me to do it, it will take me believing in something that you stand for but if you believe my influence is there, and you want to use it, it comes in as promotion and not as endorsement

“I feel the environment is not ready for it because in Ghana, the politics is either you’re with A or you’re with B and we’ve seen cases of people being victimized, people being insulted and I am not ready for a system that is not ready to accept people’s views generally to be what it is and you must always be put in a box and so if your party is not in power, you suffer,” he said.

The blogger who was speaking on MX24 TV however noted that there is nothing wrong with celebrities endorsing parties.

“I don’t see anything wrong with it. It happens all over the world. In Ghana, we often see that when people supposedly endorse a party, it’s more like they’re part of the party and they are moving to campaign for them instead of them being influential people who sees one of the candidates as being stronger and say because of your brand I’m supporting you,” he explained.

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