Nigeria’s Vice President pledges justice for victims of SARS brutality

The Vice President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, has promised justice for victims shot during protests against police brutality.

He said that, to seek redress for the affected individuals, the State had agreed on setting up Judicial Committees to investigate the matter and provide justice in the shortest time possible.

“We understand that you want to see action from us and I’m here to tell you that work is ongoing. I chaired a meeting of 36 state governors and the Minister of the FCT (NEC), where we resolved to set up judicial panels of inquiry so we can see justice served, and fast,” he said.

“I spoke to some of those in the hospital. The pain of these terrible events is palpable in our towns and cities, and some losses are irreplaceable, but we can and will get justice for all of them,” he said.

Dear Nigerians, I know that many of you are angry, and understandably so. We could’ve moved faster and for this we are sorry.

I fully understand how many young people feel. Many feel that we have been too silent and have simply not done enough. These feelings of frustration are justified.

There are far too many people who have been brutalised at the hands of the police and this is unacceptable. We must take responsibility for protecting young people, even sometimes from those who are paid to protect them.

The Wednesday night series of tweets by Mr Osinbajo happened to be the first public comment from the Federal government and came after world leaders and international organisations called on them for action to end the protest in Nigeria.

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