Forget your presidential ambitions and nurture parliamentary candidates – Prof Gyampo to smaller parties

Political Science lecturer, Prof Ransford Gyampo has advised smaller parties and independent candidates to forgo their ambition to contest in the presidential elections and focus on nurturing their support at the constituency level.

He believes, it is more likely for such parties to gain support of the grassroots through the performance of their Members of Parliament than at the national level.

Speaking to Kwabena Kyenkyenhene Boateng on MX24 TV’s Opposing Views show, Prof Gyampo suggested that Ghanaians are divided along the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and realigning the country will take a long time.

“It is going to take long time for people to decide to give their votes to other political parties beyond the NPP and the NDC. To be able to shorten the time, the smaller political parties will have to do something drastic. What I will suggest they do is for them to take their minds off the presidential seat and work within the various constituencies where they feel they have a little support and people have confidence in them to win at least one to three seats in Parliament.

“If they do that and nurture the seats and tomorrow people see the contribution of your Parliamentarians and you ask them to vote for you for the presidency then they will have a certain track record by your parliamentary candidates to be used as a benchmark to determine whether they should give you the not,” he said.

He explained that many electorates believe voting for any party apart from the two major political parties is a ‘waste of time’ and it will be “difficult for someone to say they are crossing carpets or they’re going to give their votes to someone else.”

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