I am worried about the activities of some okada riders – Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang

Running mate to the NDC’s flagbearer, Prof Naana Jane opoku-Agyemang has lamented the activities of some okada riders in the country insisting their actions put the lives of several people at risk.

Speaking to Kwabena Kyenkyenhene Boateng on MX24’s 21 minutes with KKB, Prof Opoku Agyemang insisted though that despite the actions of some of these okada riders, a future NDC government will legalise their activities.

“I also don’t enjoy some of the things I see in traffic. Motor riders generally jump red lights. I keep asking myself that these motor riders, don’t they see how much risky it is?”

When asked about why there was the need for the NDC government to outlaw okada in the first place, John Dramani Mahama’s running mate said ”Perhaps at the time, it was not necessary, perhaps at the time, it had not caught on as it has now. Perhaps, the risks were high. I don’t know.”


The National Democratic Congress has been heavily criticised for pushing an agenda for the legislation of the use of motorbikes for commercial transportation in Ghana.

The campaign promise which appears to be receiving some good response from a section of the public, particularly Okada riders, is equally receiving some backlash.

Critics say the development is a clear case of double standards on the part of the NDC. They argue that they see no reason the party will push for the legalisation of something it banned in the first place.

Defending the party’s U-Turn on the phenomenon in an interview on 21 Minutes with KKB, Prof. Naana Jane Opoku Agyemang said there is the possibility it was not necessary to allow okada business at the time.

“You can always go back. President Mahama said he will pay depositors. He said it a long time ago. What was the response? It’s not possible. We will give them bonds. But what are they doing now? So everybody can go back. It was not a mistake maybe it was a necessity at the time but now it’s no longer a necessity but still doesn’t mean you should go and bring the law. What are the issues? Let’s deal with them. The bottom line is saving lives and ensuring jobs,” she said.

Speaking on the safety of okada, the running mate nominee said ”Cars have accidents, taxies have accidents. Motorbikes that are not used for Okada have accidents do they matter too? So if you want to talk about safety, we all use dispatch riders. Those people complaining use dispatch riders. Is that not a form of okada?”

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