NDC is operating fake news websites to tarnish NPP’s reputation – Deputy Information Minister

Mr Pius Enam Hadzide, Deputy Minister for Information has alleged that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is disseminating degrading news stories about the ruling government through a fake website.

According to the Minister, NDC’s desperation to win the 2020 elections scheduled in December has pushed them as far as organizing a group of individuals to cyber troll political opinions and interfere with the decision making of the government and the NPP.

Mr Pius Hadzide disclosed this on the Happy Morning Show in an interview with Samuel Eshun.

“The NDC is operating a fake news cell and a troll factory where big wigs of the party give instructions to their people who push their agenda on social media, Mr Hadzide said, adding that the Graphic Ghana fake website was not the only website the NDC has forged and that it was just one of many other credible news agencies.

“They are a lot of these fake news websites and the NDC has even managed to clone the website of Graphic Ghana. The cloned website has the same outlook of Graphic Ghana but the difference is that the NDC’s website carries fake news only”.

“The original Graphic Ghana website has the url, https://www.graphic.com.gh whilst the fake news portal of the NDC has the url, https://graphicgh.com/” he stated in his aim of educating Ghanaians on the actions of the opposition party.

The Deputy Minister went on to say the NDC has also imported some technologically advanced artificial intelligence tools that have the abilities to assist them in duplicating their fake news making.

He stipulated the actions of the NDC were all intentional and calculated to ruin the goodwill of the NPP administration and also asked Ghanaians to not pay heed to such information and be cautious about the news they consume.

To deal with these fake portals Pius Hadzide stated the ruling government has tried to take down most of the websites but the NDC just end up building new ones.

“But the problem is, whenever you close down these fake news portals, they are resurrected and new ones are created,” he said.

The Deputy Minister of Information cautioned the general public to desist from the act of creating these forged news websites as they were against the laws of the country.



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