#DataMustFall: Concerned Ghanaians protest high cost of internet charges

Despite the reduction in the Communication Service Tax on September 15, 2020, some concerned youth on twitter are leading a campaign against the high cost of internet data in Ghana.

The hashtag DataMustFall (#DataMustFall) is on top of the list of Tech and Social Media trends in Ghana as people share their experiences by tagging their network providers.

Many, especially those who work remotely and use online services in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, have raised concerns over the cost, the speed and the rate at which the data get used up.

Those on MTN Ghana, AirtelTigo and Vodafone networks say data worth GHC10 does not last for more than ten minutes when they log on to social media.

“Data across all the networks is expensive, in this season with everything and everyone going virtual, they are cashing in big. we students and Ghanaian folks are always pulling monies for data from nowhere because you can’t afford to go offline,” a lady with the username Abigail Arthur tweeted.

“My issue with Vodafone is their mobile internet data package. It alerts you when you have consumed 50%, 70%, and 90% of your data. But it never alerts you when you have consumed 100% of your data. Instead, it automatically starts eating into your phone credit. Why?” another twitter user said.

Below are some of the tweets


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