NDC scammers use voice changer App to bamboozle the nation – Cheap Losers!

I have been hearing about a gutter allegation that an NPP government official was arrested in the UK on board a private Jet with 26 million Pounds Sterling. What is even more iniquitous about this monstrous lie and others is the criminal intent to cause pandemonium and breach of peace.

I am seething through my teeth, angry that these inhumane and murderous characters would have the audacity to engage is such pedestrian chicanery. And while the Government of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is leaving nothing to chance in making Ghana great again, the infidels in the NDC have mercilessly let loose their vandals and armed robbers to cause chaos. How insensitive, criminal, and unethical!!!

I am told that one of the assailants, who killed Hon Ekow Quansah Hayford of Mfantsiman, had forgotten his NDC handkerchief sticking out from his back pocket. A criminal will always be exposed no matter the circumstances and no matter the cover up. Then another set of NDC criminals under the guise of armed robbery, allegedly with information from Ofosu Ampofo and Asiediu Nketia, went on rampage in the wale wale environs shooting one person as they targeted the MCE.

Now, since the smart ass leaders of the NDC know so much about a mere unsubstantiated allegation as a nonsensical money laundering arrest in the UK, they must give us the call sign of the Private Jet that carried the supposed moneys. Every airplane has a call sign when it is up in the air. At least the tail number would indicate the country of origin; for example, 9G (Niner Gulf) is Ghana’s registration prefix code, so a plane under the Ghanaian flag would carry a number, say 9G AWT (Niner Gulf Alpha Whiskey Tango) and so on.

Besides, how would any foolish human being execute such a transaction knowing very well that the plane would be scanned in its entirety, and even be put under Canine surveillance? In fact, the humongous foul lie of the NDC falls flat at their feet even more so when you realise that the audio making the rounds is a fabricated one.

The NDC scammers used a “play store” application called “Voice Changer”. What they did was to read a script that they wrote, and pass it through that app using the tone and accent of a foreign news anchor. Little did they realise that the application made the narration seem like a class 6 “chew and pour” recital with no pauses and breaks. It was such a cheap production that it did not differ at all from the incompetence of the flagbearer of the NDC, corrupt John Mahama!

I ask all the sensible people of this country to disregard the gutter tactics of the rubbish NDC with the contempt they deserve. The hierarchy of this indecent umbrella party have nothing better to offer Ghanaians except lies, deceit, retrogression, and a tattered reputation not even fit for wiping the backside. The NPP builds and the NDC destroys. NDC is a reverser of fortunes, make no mistake about that!

The Ambassador of the EU to Ghana debunked this flaccid allegation, shooting it down no sooner than it fluttered its wings for takeoff. The whole world has seen how terrible and destructive the NDC is, and it is for this reason that the ECOWAS, knowing that President Akufo-Addo’s term expires in a few months, voted for him to be its chairman for a whole year! That is a major endorsement for him to continue leading Ghana for the next four years, and a solid message to the Ghanaian electorate to never make the mistake ever of voting for the NDC.

Vote NPP for your salvation or NDC for your damnation!

The ball is now in our court! Save Ghana by continuing with Nana Akufo-Addo and the NPP!!!

#4More4Nana #4MoreToDoMoreForYou

Source: Fadi Dabbousi

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