Volta Separatist group allegedly attacks Ho STC; burn, damage buses

Armed men suspected to be part of the Volta Separatist Group, a separatist group in the country, have allegedly attacked the Ho office of the State Transport Corporation (STC).

The attack which reportedly happened Monday evening led to gunshots and incessant attacks on drivers of the STC.

The security guard is reported to have been held at gunpoint while members of the sparatist group set one of the buses on fire and damaged another.

BREAKING NEWS: Secessionist group breaks into Police Station; steal guns, cartridges

The incident which happened at the Ho Intercity STC yard has heightened the presence of security forces in the area.

This is the latest in a series of attacks by gunmen in the Volta region following a desire to secede from Ghana.

Two Police Officers in critical condition as secessionist group holds three hostage, block V/R roads

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