Take it or leave it! – Manchester United’s final bid for Sancho

As the once dominant Red Devils struggle for form this season, it is without doubt that the team is keen on improving its depth by bringing in some top, quality players.

Though the team has managed to sign Van De Beek from Ajax, it has sadly lost out on a number of signings including Gareth Bale, Torreira, and Sergio Reguilón.

The team has also been left frustrated with back and forth rejections in its bid to sign Dortmund winger, Jadon Sancho.

But all that is about to end, it appears as Manchester United say they’re done playing at the mercy of teams all in its bid to sign some top talent.

Manchester United will make a ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ offer to Borussia Dortmund for Jadon Sancho next week, the Mirror reports.

Dortmund have maintained its stance of not selling Sancho for anything less than £108million. Not just that, but they also want all the money up front. But that’s more than what the Red Devils are willing to, and can currently pay.

But the team is willing to make a final offer next week, a take it or leave it offer.

The report by The Mirror claims United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward will offer no wiggle room on the fee or overall structure of the deal.

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