Ghanaian student takes charity work to Russia

Mr Moses Fodo, a Ghanaian international student pursuing Master’s in Population and Development in the Department of Social Sciences at the National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE), believes everyone deserves love.

Influenced by this belief, he worked with some NGOs in Ghana as a project coordinator before joining HSE.

He was involved in various orphanage projects which includes making donations and also building of an infirmary for the less previleged.

Standing by his principle on love, Mr Moses Fodo has made yet another donation to the Civic Assistance Committee, a regional public charitable organization providing assistance to refugees and migrants in Moscow.

The donation which took place on 21st August, 2020 forms part of the second phase of original self-initiated projects by Mr. Moses Fodo dubbed “ADDRESSING THE NEEDS OF THE LESS PRIVILEGED: A CLARION CALL FOR MORE SOCIAL WORKERS FOR MOSCOW ORPHANAGES.

This exercise which he described as “another history” was done in collaboration with HSE Student Initiative Support Centre which “focuses on enhancing students’ creative energy, supporting student initiatives, clubs, organizations, informal communities”.

The Civic Assistance Committee received 21 boxes of used clothes containing over 700 clothes, and shoes from the project team.

Explaining the reason behind the donation, the Project Coordinator, Mr. Moses Fodo who is committed to putting a smile on the faces of the less privileged said, “Being called homeless, a refugee or an orphan is no respecter of a person. It has nothing to do with race, colour or geographical area. It can be anyone of us at any time. My goal is to help build the world we want to see tomorrow today”.

He expressed gratitude to Ms Suleymanyan Yana, the Manager of HSE Student Initiative Support Centre for her supports and also to his Academic Supervisor Kozlov Valdimir A. for always availing himself to support this initiative.

Mr. Moses Fodo further thanked his colleagues and the entire students’ body of HSE for coming out to donate clothes to make the idea a reality. He encouraged them to keep supporting as more of such project are in the pipeline.

Individuals or groups who may be interested in supporting orphanages, refugees and migrants in Moscow through the Civic Assistance Committee can get in touch with them via their website

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