Climate Change: Australian Embassy in Ghana goes solar; feeds electricity into national grid

In the bid to contribute to the United Nations goals for a safe planet, the Australian High Commission in Ghana has joined the campaign to encourage the use of clean renewable energy.

The Commission has installed solar panels on its roofs to produce clean and sustainable power for the operations of its offices.

Announcing the major switch on Facebook, the Australian Higher Commissioner of Ghana, Gregory Andrews expressed excitement about how the panels generate enough energy for use and even feed electricity into the national grid.

He says, Australia is committed to the Paris Accord, a global agreement on Climate Change and dealing with greenhouse-gas-emissions mitigation, therefore, the commission’s switch to solar is an effort towards the realisation of this goal.

“At the Australian High Commission we’ve gone solar. Most of our roof tops have solar panels. I actually like to climb up onto the roof to admire the solar panels making clean renewable energy! On some days we generate more renewable energy than we use. The surplus goes straight into Ghana’s electricity grid. We are doing our part to meet the United Nations goals for a safe planet. Australia supports the global agreement called the Paris Accord which aims to bring global emissions down. We are doing our part,” the diplomat disclosed on his Facebook timeline.

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